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R&D Tax Credits for Agriculture – Get the Best Results with Specialist Advice

 If you’re a farming business, run out of a limited company, you could be entitled to R&D Tax Relief. At Zest R&D – we are experts in R&D Tax Credits within agriculture. We make claiming easy for our clients, and we regularly exceed the industry average claim of £45,000.

From new methods for sowing crops, feed trials, changes to animal housing, use of new materials, fertilizers and bedding, we have the expertise to help you get rewarded for the work you’re doing.

R&D happens on farms, every day in the UK. You’d be surprised at what kind of work is eligible.

Scroll through to find out.

Trialling New Crops or Growing Techniques
Adapting or Improving Your Animal Housing or Bedding
Changes Made to Better Manage Disease or Infection Rates
New Technology Being Tested to Try to Improve Results
Techniques to Reduce Use of Antibiotics, Pesticides or Fertilisers
Trials with Feed, Feeding Methods or Feeding Times
Trials with Different Fertilizers, or Methods of Reducing Nitrate Run-off

Get the Best Results Using Zest’s Industry Expertise

With our specialist knowledge and experience, you could claim 3x more than the industry average.


Zest’s Average Agriculture R&D Claim


Industry Average Agriculture R&D Claim

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 If you’ve made any changes on your farm, or you’re trying to adapt or improve the way your business operates, then get in touch for a free consultation. We can advise you whether your work will qualify as R&D and how you can go about claiming your Tax Credits.