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Claim your reward with Research and Development Tax Credits

The R&D Tax Credit scheme gives cash rewards to innovative companies to help them to continue innovating.

Zests’ specialist tax advisors help companies around the UK to quickly, and easily access these funds, and transform their business.

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Why work with Zest R&D?

If you want to get the best results from R&D tax credits, without spending hours filling out forms and writing down details about your projects, you're in the right place. Our claims process is designed so R&D Tax Credits are made easy and stress-free for you.

R&D tax relief is the only thing we do - we know everything there is to know about it. So if you choose to work with Zest you can sit back and relax, as you enjoy the rewards of R&D tax advice from our experienced, and highly trained advisors. Our clients agree - they consistently rate us with 5 star feedback through Google reviews.

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Would certainly recommend

When we started talking to Zest about R&D Tax Credits it was clear they understood how to put in an effective claim. In the past we have used a third party company to handle our R&D Claims but it was so much easier …. with their structured approach to deciding what is eligible, how to break down the costs of the work that would make up the claim, and present the claim in a clear and unambiguous way.

Due to their in-depth understanding of R&D claims, they ensured that only eligible costs were submitted as part of the claim, but also made us aware of other costs that could be included that we were previously unaware of in order to maximise the value of the claim. We were pleased that the final rebate was exactly in line with the amount that they advised we should receive.

I would not hesitate to use them again for a future R&D claim, and would certainly recommend them to other businesses who think they may be eligible through their R&D projects.

George Smith MD
Walford Timber Ltd.

A fantastic result

“As a specialist engineering company, our work is quite niche and doesn’t always fit the predefined categories or descriptions that HMRC use. By developing an understanding of our business and working closely with our Project Manager, Zest Research & Development/Barrie was able to submit a complaint and successful R&D tax relief submission. A fantastic result, which, before their advice and helpful support, we would not have understood or qualified for. R&D monitoring now forms part of our routine management systems – Thank you Barrie!”

Joanna Edwards
Director of Edwards Diving Services Limited


“Amazing! After just a short visit Adam produced detailed reports on my business, submitted them to HMRC on my behalf and obtained substantial results. Extremely pleased. I don’t normally leave recommendations but in this case I do.”

Ray Methuen

About Zest

Zest are specialists R&D tax advisors. That means advising clients on Research and Development tax credits is the only thing we do. So we know everything there is to know about it.

Our purpose is to help companies around the UK do good things, and reach their potential, by maximising their use of R&D tax credits.

We work with Ecologi to ensure our business operations are carbon negative, and we offer reduced fees to companies working on green R&D projects.

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Research & Development Tax Credits

Frequently asked questions

Find the answers to some of the most common questions our clients ask us. Or use the links below to find out more.

About R&D Tax Credits

What work qualifies as R&D?

Any work where a company has made an advance in technical or scientific knowledge in their field is likely to qualify as R&D.

For more information and examples – view this page.

How much will I get back?

Use our free R&D Tax Credit calculator tool to get an estimate.

The average claim for a small or medium-sized enterprise is over £50,000 for each accounting period they claim.

How are my R&D Tax Credits calculated?

If you are a company with fewer than 500 staff and a turnover of less than €100million, you will be eligible to claim from the SME R&D Tax Credit Scheme. The amount you can claim will depend on whether your company is making profit or loss.

A profit making company can receive up to 25% of its Research & Development costs back. For a loss making company it can be up to 33%.

To find out more – check out this article.

What if I used a sub-contractor or freelancer for R&D?

If you are a company with fewer than 500 staff and a turnover of less than €100million, your company can generally claim for 65% of the payments made to unconnected parties.

Find out more here.

The Claims Process

How long will a claim take?

We aim to get your claim paid to you within 2 months – although if your claim is more complex or there are delays with HMRC it can take longer. We’ll keep you informed where that is the case.

To find out more about the claims process – try this page.

How much time will I need to spend on a claim?

When you work with Zest, our goal is to make the claims process as easy as possible for you. Some clients spend less than half a day on their claim, including time for meetings, information gathering, and reviewing their claim documents. But in reality, it will always depend on your scenario and the quality of your records.

For more information on the claims process – try this link.

Will the research and development tax credit be made as a payment to me?

If you are profit making and you are yet to pay your Corporation Tax bill for the period your claiming – you will receive a reduction in your corporation tax bill.

If you are loss making or you have already paid your Corporation Tax bill – you will receive a payable credit from HMRC.

How do Zest charge?

Zest charge with a single, simple and competitive fee which is based on a percentage of your successful R&D tax credit claim. In the unlikely event that HMRC decide to open an enquiry on your claim, we’ll defend it at no extra cost.

What records will Zest provide?

We’ll create a document that explains the R&D work you do, and why it qualifies for relief under the tax credit. This document will also breakdown all of the costs which are included in your R&D Tax Credit claim.

Will you work with my accountant?

Yes – once you’ve given us your consent to work with your accountant – we can obtain your annual accounts, corporation tax computations and payroll which we will require for your claim. We will also provide guidance for your accountant when they submit your R&D Tax Credit claim.

Our blogs

Find out the latest news and views, in the world of R&D Tax Credits with our blog articles, or jump straight to our blog page.

Can I claim R&D tax credits if I’m a loss making company?

Can I claim R&D tax credits if I’m a loss making company?

If your company has been making a loss, it’s still worthwhile making a claim for R&D tax credits. This is sometimes misunderstood with people thinking that a company needs to be profitable to benefit. In fact, applying for R&D tax credits as a loss making company might be the most beneficial way to get the most from the scheme.

read more

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