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£360,000 Farming R&D Tax Credit Claim | Innovative South Wales Farm Claims Money with Specialist Help from Zest R&D

by Adam Park | May 17, 2021

A South Wales farm has claimed a sum of £360,000 using the R&D Tax Credit scheme. The innovative dairy farm had been attempting to improve their herds and companies performance over the year. This included trialling different feed components to help alleviate issues with their herds' butterfat production. After a discussion with Zest R&D, they found that these feed trials qualified as Research and Development, so they were able to claim a farming R&D tax credit.

What Did They Claim For?

The farm claimed for two different Research and Development projects. Firstly - they claimed for the feed trials they conducted for their dairy herd. Secondly, they claimed for research they conducted into suitable bedding types for their herd. These two farming R&D Tax Credit projects resulted in a payable sum of £360,000 being made to them by HMRC.

Zest and Farming R&D Tax Credits

The client enlisted the help of Zest to make an R&D Tax Credit claim. Zest was quickly able to identify all of the work that would qualify and maximise the claim with their understanding of what costs were eligible. This specialist knowledge in farming R&D Tax Credits ensured the client got the best possible results.

To find out more, you can view our post about R&D Tax Credits in Agriculture. Or you can get in touch for a free consultation using the link below.

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