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Zest Green Discount – Terms & Conditions

A 25% discount to Zest’s fees for any project will be applied where said project meets the following criteria:



  1. The use of the product, process, or service, which is being developed as part of the R&D project, either in its own right or in comparison to mainstream alternatives, would lead directly to one or more of the following:
    • A net reduction in carbon emissions into the atmosphere
    • A net reduction in waste products or pollution
    • An increase in recyclability of any packaging or waste materials
    • An improvement in technology or knowledge required for recycling of waste materials
    • An improvement in efficiency or methods for producing green energy
  2. The use of said product, process or service, would not lead to any of the following:
    • Decrease in recyclability of any packaging or waste materials
    • A reduction in the use or feasibility of green energy
  3. Any improvements as a result of the new product, process or service, such as those listed in bullets under point 1, are non-trivial. As a benchmark, to be applied at Zest’s discretion, anything less than a 5% improvement would be considered trivial.
  4. The improvements could be measured or estimated upon request.

The application of this discount is always at the discretion of Zest Tax limited, even if the above conditions are met.

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Research and Development could be the most powerful tool we have in resolving the ongoing climate crisis. At Zest, we want to do everything we can to reduce the impact humans are having on our planet. Not only by making our operations carbon positive, but also by working with and actively supporting companies that are using R&D to make their sector greener.

Adam Park - Zest R&D Director

We're proud to have a climate positive workforce, thanks to our partnership with Ecologi.

We want to help companies that are helping the planet.

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Discount for Projects Targeted at Reducing Carbon or Waste